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The first is  “practice multiplicity,” the profusion (and confusion) of CSR programs and messages at the factory, industry and global levels. We laid out the evidence of this in our last column. Today, we take up the second cause, “behavioral invisibility”—global buyers are unable to accurately measure the behavior of their suppliers. Why? Richard Locke (in his 2013 book “The Promise and Limits of Private Power”) and many others have noted that buyer-supplier relationships are generally adversarial and the auditing regime is a kind of cat-and-mouse game: suppliers try to get away without complying in order to hold onto their margins, or in some cases just hold on. (An ILO survey in 2017 recorded that 52 percent of textile and apparel suppliers had taken orders below cost to maintain a business relationship). Putting aside the “Not Trying Hard Enough” buyers, why can’t the others measure their suppliers’ behavior properly? Many reasons have been identified, but here are the leading causes. One, the typical audit is too brief to uncover the gravest violations. Two, many auditors are poorly trained, particularly in identifying violations in safety, hazardous chemicals and other technical issues. (Remember that the Rana Plaza factory was given a passing grade by several different auditors contracted by major brands—as were Tazreen and Ali Enterprises and many others—just before the tragedy there). Three, the auditing function (initially in-house) is now outsourced at low cost to a range of providers, incentivizing some auditors to merely “tick the box” on the checklists provided by the brands. And four, there is some audit fraud where auditors are bribed by factory managers to provide them a good rating, or where factories keep an alternative set of books for wages and hours to show auditors. NCPs latest research shows that the extent of unreliable information given to auditors is much, much higher than listen to this podcast previously thought. Data shared with NCP by a leading auditing company classifies the information/data given to its auditors by suppliers as completely reliable (trustworthy) or unreliable (not trustworthy). In the table below, we have broken out the “unreliable” rates by country. Proportion of Audits with Unreliable Information by Country, 2011 – 2017 The average “unreliable” rate in apparel is 41 percent and 39 percent for footwear over the 2011-2017 time click here to read period. Our research also examined this issue for different industries and found that the incidence of unreliable information provided to auditors is highest in toys, soft and hard goods, housewares and jewelry (over 50 percent). Even more importantly, NCP’s research finds that there is an active and growing industry in China that helps suppliers falsify audits.

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From 2015 to 2018, PCH counted 633 injuries and 17 fatalities At 10:35 Sunday night, two pedestrians were fatally struck by two different cars while crossing Pacific Coast Highway at Busch Drive. At around 2 a.m. Monday, a man was killed near the intersection of Kanan Dume Road and the infamously winding Latigo Canyon Road, when his vehicle crashed into the canyon. Then at around 11:30 a.m., three people were injured in a two-car crash around PCH and Via Escondido, near Geoffrey's. One car caught fire, and another person was trapped inside their car. All were taken to nearby hospitals in unknown condition. The three evidently unrelated events - they all remain under investigation - put into sharp focus the problems related to safe driving in Malibu. Almost since it was built, PCH, a major highway, patrolled by four different agencies, bringing in millions of tourists that also serves as Malibu's main street, has been considered dangerous. The highway carries about 37,000 cars near the Malibu Civic Center on an average day, and about 40,000 a day in the summer, according to a Los Angeles Times report . In 2018, it saw three fatal accidents and 131 injuries, and from 2015 to 2018, the highway counted 633 injuries and 17 fatalities, according to the UC Berkeley SafeTREC Transportation Injury Mapping System . In the election last fall, City Council candidates all listed PCH safety as one of their top priorities. Every candidate said that more rigorous speed limit enforcement was needed, and the highway needs more of a police presence. Lance Simmens proposed a total PCH redesign that would shorten the width of lanes, create turning lanes every quarter mile, and create a median for a portion of it. A PCH median has long been proposed , but would cost millions of dollars. Meanwhile, the fatal accident in the canyon calls attention to the many cars that have flipped off the high, winding mountain roads, which are often shared by cyclists and have near constant sharp turns that could easily send cars plunging as much as 600 feet. In August, two teenagers were killed when their vehicle went over the side of a canyon in the hills above Stunt Road, south of Sylvan Glen Road.